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Long Island Washing Machine Repair

Affordable Repairs For All Washing Machine Makes & Models

Many people take their washing machine for granted—until it stops working properly, that is. Keeping your family’s clothes clean is enough of a chore as it is, you don’t want to be dealing with washing machine problems as well. Here at Universe Home Services, we understand how important your washing machine is for your day-to-day life. That’s why we offer comprehensive washing machine repairs throughout Nassau & Suffolk Counties. If you have a problem with your washing machine, give us a call. We’ll come out to your home in no time to take a look. Once we’ve diagnosed the issue, we’ll get right to work on the repairs.

Common Washing Machine Problems

With regular use, washing machines tend to suffer a certain amount of wear and tear. Over time, you might experience issues with your machine that make doing laundry difficult or downright impossible.

Some of the most common washing machine problems we see here at Universe Home Services include when the washer:

  • Doesn’t spin or drain
  • Fails to cycle properly
  • Gets too much or too little water
  • Overflows
  • Makes loud noises
  • Won’t start

If your washing machine is exhibiting any of the above signs, or you’re dealing with other washing machine problems, it’s time to call Universe Home Services. Our highly trained appliance repair team is equipped to handle just about any washing machine issue. We work quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your normal routine. Plus, our technicians will keep their workspace and your home clean throughout the duration of the job.

Can You Use A Washing Machine Too Much?

Consistent overuse of detergent will overtime cause damage to your washing machine. Detergent builds up a residue inside the machine, which will lead to blockage and won’t drain properly. Forcing water into places it’s not meant to go. This adds up to wetter, heavier clothes and will build up wear and tear on the washing machine’s pump and motor. If you notice problems with your machine, don’t hesitate to contact Universe Home Services for expert washing machine repair services.

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Our goal is offer superior washing machine repairs on Long Island with minimal downtime and inconvenience. Our appliance repair services are cost-effective and reliable, and we always provide only our honest recommendations when it comes to your appliance service.

Reach out to us at (516) 473-0202 or online to learn more about our washing machine repair services.

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