Benefits of Switching From Oil to Gas Heat

Benefits of Switching From Oil to Gas Heat

5 Reasons To Switch To Gas Heat From Oil

Currently relying on oil to heat your home during the colder months of the year? Then you’re probably tired of paying seriously high heating bills and may even be a little jealous of your friends and neighbors who pay far less. That’s probably enough to push you toward using gas to heat your home rather than oil, but if you’re still looking for additional benefits, we’ve got a few more below!

1- Keep More Money In Your Wallet Each Month

It’s no surprise that oil prices are on the rise and have been for the last several years. As oil prices continue to increase, that means you’re going to keep paying more and more to keep your home warm and comfortable each month during the winter. Generally speaking, gas is a cheaper resource and therefore, it allows you to save on monthly utility bills.

2 - Rebates And Credits Are Available

It’s not uncommon for local utility companies and equipment manufacturers to offer special rebates and tax credits for making the switch to gas. While the upfront cost of converting may seem daunting at first, you’ll likely be surprised to learn about the money you could get back or that you’ll save in the long run. In most cases, in just a few short years, the reduced heating costs could help you exceed your initial investment.

3 - Less Required Maintenance

Since gas heating systems typically require less maintenance than oil systems, you won’t have to continuously shell out cash for these services. In oil systems, dirt and soot frequently build up and it must be cleaned out. Additionally, the chimney must be cleaned regularly and the filter must be changed frequently in order for the system to continue operating. That sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

4 - No Tank Refills

Ever come home to a cold house or wake up in the morning shivering even though you didn’t turn the heat off? There’s a good chance it’s because you ran out of oil. Instead of having to tough it out while waiting to schedule an oil delivery to get the system back up and running, you could be enjoying continuous heat with a gas system.

5 - Gas Is Quieter And Cleaner

Not only will you eliminate having that oil smell in your home, gas furnaces typically burn cleaner and operate more quietly than oil furnaces. They do cost a bit more upfront, but like we mentioned earlier, the benefits far outweigh the initial costs.

Oil To Gas Heat Conversion On Long Island

Universe Home Services is known as the area’s gas heating experts. We’re proud to have been serving homeowners throughout the region with top-quality oil to gas heating conversions throughout Nassau County & Suffolk Counties since 1954. We can help you start enjoying a better, more comfortable home today with top-of-the-line gas heating equipment, fully guaranteed installations, and a completely FREE in-home estimate. Learn more about our financing options, including 0% APR financing with 60 months to pay (subject to credit approval).

Give us a call at (516) 473-0202 to schedule a free estimate with our team today! We are available 24/7 throughout the heating season and we've successfully installed more than 15,000 heating and air conditioning systems for homeowners throughout the area.


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