Easy DIY Insulation Projects to Cut the Cost of Home Heating

Easy DIY Insulation Projects to Cut the Cost of Home Heating

Make this the winter you finally get a grip on your heating costs. Preserving your comfort while cutting your heating bill doesn’t necessarily mean costly retrofits or time-consuming DIY projects.

Here are four products that are simple to install and will keep heat inside.

Fireplace Plugs

A fireplace adds ambiance, but you shouldn’t depend on it for heat. A fireplace is a tremendously inefficient heat source. Only about 10 percent of the fire produces warmth -- the rest goes up the chimney.

When you’re not using the fireplace, much of the heat your furnace generates is counteracted by a drafty chimney.

Save the fireplace for special occasions and use a fireplace plug between uses. A fireplace is an inflatable piece of urethane that you place inside the hearth, trapping warm air inside where it belongs.

Door Snake

It doesn’t get simpler than this. A door snake is an insulated tube you place in front of the door to prevent drafts from sneaking through that gap between the bottom of the door and floor. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can easily make your own out of any medium weight fabric. Use rice or dried beans as the insulating material.

Attic Stairway Insulator

The attic hatch is often overlooked when it comes to energy loss. The hatch gaps allow for an exchange of cold air in the attic and warm air produced by your furnace.

An attic stairway insulator is an effective barrier between these two temperatures, helping preserve your comfort and saving your money.

This product is easy to install. Some models set up like a camping tent, sitting above the stairway hatch to help retain heat.

Insulated Curtains

Windows account for about 30% of heat loss. That’s money out the window. Thermal curtains go a long way toward keeping your expensive man-made heat inside.

Thermal curtains are made of thick fabric and, if installed correctly, can achieve an R-value of 6 or higher. Bonus: the heavy curtain panels reduce sound!

When installing thermal curtains, the closer to the window frame, the better. You should also consider securing curtains to the wall with Velcro or magnetic tape.

During sunny winter days, open the curtains to let in thermal warmth.

Window Insulation Film

Fortify your windows further with window film. Window film is a sheet of plastic that you apply over the frame. The material itself doesn’t boast any insulating properties. However, it traps air between the window and the sheet to create an effective burier.

Window film can reduce heat loss by about 10 percent, and it’s easy to install. Cut to size, tape it to the frame and shrink to fit with a blow dryer.

Bottom line: Put an end to drafts by sealing gaps and cracks. By eliminating the transfer of heat to the outside, your furnace will operate more efficiently and maintain a consistent temperature throughout your house -- if it’s properly maintained, that is. Schedule a tune-up today to ensure your central heating is operating at peak efficiency. To schedule an appointment, call Universe Home Services (516) 473-0202 today!


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