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Long Island Appliance Repair

Comprehensive Service For All The Appliances In Your Home

When the appliances in your home stop working properly, you need to rely on someone you trust to get your appliances back up and running, fast! Universe Home Services provides expert in-home appliance repair on Long Island. We are capable of handling just about every major appliance in your home. Our Seaford appliance repair technicians specialize in repairs for all major brands of:

When To Call For Appliance Repair

You depend on your home’s major appliances for everything from safely storing your food to keeping your house clean. It’s important that you know the signs of a problem with one of your appliances to avoid an unexpected breakdown and interruption to your daily life.

It’s time to call Universe Home Services if you experience any of the following:

  • Washer not spinning or draining
  • Washer not going through cycles
  • Washer not getting water or overflowing
  • Washer making loud noise or not starting
  • Dryer takes too long to dry clothes
  • Dryer not tumbling
  • Burnt or electrical smell in dryer
  • Dryer timer not advancing through cycles
  • No heat in oven
  • Oven smells like gas (if gas oven)
  • Burners not working
  • Control panel on oven doesn’t work
  • Not keeping proper temperature in refrigerator or freezer section
  • Refrigerator not making ice
  • Refrigerator making strange sounds or running noisily
  • Dishwasher door does not close properly or falls to ground
  • Dishes not being cleaned in dishwasher
  • Dishwasher does not drain
  • No water coming into dishwasher

If you’re dealing with one of these problems or any other issue with one of your home’s appliances, get in touch with our highly trained team of appliance repair experts. We can quickly and correctly diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs. We’re proud to have more than 65 years of experience providing appliance service and repair throughout Nassau County & Suffolk County.

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