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Ductless Air Conditioning On Long Island

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If you want to enjoy maximum cooling power without the hassle of central AC installation, consider having a ductless air conditioning system installed by Universe Home Services! Ductless AC systems are perfect for older homes or those that lack the existing ductwork needed for central air conditioning systems. They also offer a great way for you and your family to enjoy zoned cooling, allowing you to stay comfortable, reduce your energy usage, and customize your air conditioning to your unique preferences.

With more than 65 years of industry experience and over 15,000 heating and air conditioning systems successfully installed, Universe Home Services is the preferred choice for ductless air conditioning throughout Nassau County & Suffolk County. We offer top-of-the-line ductless AC systems from Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, the leading ductless air conditioning brands on the market today. Plus, we are experts at fast, unobtrusive installation so you can start enjoying a cooler home right away!

The Benefits Of Going Ductless

There are many advantages to having a ductless AC system installed in your home. Modern options offer the same level of cooling as traditional central air conditioning systems, not to mention a number of other benefits central AC systems can’t offer.

Some of the main advantages of a ductless air conditioning system include:

  • No new or existing ductwork required
  • Highly flexible, customizable cooling
  • Cost-effective (uses less energy to operate)
  • More environmentally-friendly
  • Quiet operation (often silent)
  • Improvements to indoor air quality

If you’re interested in ductless air conditioning on Long Island, call the pros at Universe Home Services. We can help you with ductless AC installation right away! We offer affordable installation options and incentives to make the process even easier.

Ductless Air Conditioner Repairs On Long Island

If you already have a ductless air conditioning system and you’re experiencing issues with it, Universe Home Services can help you with ductless AC repairs. Our technicians are highly trained in these unique systems and can quickly and correctly diagnose any problem you’re experiencing. Once our inspection is complete, we’ll let you know what we’ve found, as well as our honest recommendations for repair or even system replacement.

Schedule your Long Island ductless AC service with us when you call us or fill out a contact form!

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