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Emergency HVAC Services on Long Island

Heating and cooling systems can break down at any time of day or night. We can help when your furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or heat pump breaks down and stops delivering the treated air you need to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Our emergency HVAC technicians have the skills and expertise to promptly diagnose the cause of the failure and perform the repairs required to restore your system. We provide 24/7 emergency heating services in winter, and emergency cooling repairs from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in summer.

5 Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Services

It’s important to pay close attention to the operation of your heating and cooling systems. Your systems will show signs that they need immediate attention from a certified and insured HVAC technician. If you detect any of these issues, we recommend requesting emergency HVAC service without delay:

  • Leaks: Refrigerant and water leaks require immediate attention. These can cause serious damage to your system and can expose you to toxic coolant, etc.
  • Frequently tripped breaker: Frequently tripped breakers can indicate clogged air filters or dirt buildup in the unit. They can also point to more critical issues such as a faulty circuit breaker or a short within the motor.
  • Rotten egg odors: If you have a natural gas furnace and detect rotten egg odors, it’s a critical emergency that indicates a natural gas leak.
  • Short-cycling: If your furnace is short cycling, it can indicate a problem with the fan limiter. It’s also possible it’s due to a CO or gas leak, flue limiter, faulty thermostat, or dirty flame sensor.
  • Odd noises: Grinding, banging, clanking, screeching, etc. within your furnace or AC often indicates critical component failure. These noises require prompt investigation and repair, otherwise the damaged component can spread damage throughout your system, which increases the cost and complexity of the repairs.

Common Emergency HVAC Issues

Our licensed and insured HVAC technicians can thoroughly inspect and accurately assess the condition of your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner. Common HVAC issues we encounter with these systems include:

Air conditioners:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Compressor failure
  • Frozen coils
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Faulty sensors


  • Clogged or damaged fuel supply
  • Frayed blower belt
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Damaged blower motor
  • Cracked heat exchanger

Heat pumps:

  • Defective valves
  • Malfunctioning capacitor
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Faulty blower motor
  • Malfunctioning compressor


  • Leaks
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Worn-out seals
  • Noisy operation

Our HVAC Services

We provide a comprehensive range of heating and cooling services, including:

Emergency HVAC Maintenance

We can provide a full range of maintenance services for your systems. Our technicians can change air filters, adjust components, clean AC/furnace cabinets, and more. 

Emergency HVAC Repair

We maintain a comprehensive component inventory and can provide emergency service for your gas furnace, electric furnace, heat pump, central air conditioner, or ductless mini-split. We service all brands and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Emergency HVAC Replacement

We offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality systems from leading manufacturers. When your heating or cooling system fails, we’ll help you select a suitable replacement based on the size of your home, budget, and desired comfort.

Emergency HVAC Installation

When warm or cold weather are in the forecast, we’ll promptly install the systems you need to beat the heat or keep the chill out. Our thorough installation procedures include comprehensive load calculations, site preparation, and system testing.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1954, the teams at Universe Home Services have proudly served customers throughout the area. When you want reliable heating and cooling solutions, you can always count on our licensed and insured HVAC technicians.

We offer same-day services, financing options, military/veteran/senior discounts, free estimates on replacements, and more.

Contact Universe Home Services to request emergency HVAC services on Long Island today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I shut down a malfunctioning furnace or air conditioner?

If you suspect a malfunction, it’s best to shut the system down until a qualified HVAC technician can assess the condition of the unit and identify the cause of the issue.

How often should I schedule HVAC maintenance?

It’s best to schedule heating system maintenance in the fall, and cooling system maintenance in the spring. 

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