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Generator Services on Long Island, NY

Having a generator at your home is vital, especially in the winter. When bad weather strikes, power outages aren’t uncommon throughout our area. Make sure you stay powered up with help from the pros at Universe Home Services.

Our team of expert electricians provides generator services throughout Long Island. We’ll discuss your needs and install the right system for your home. Count on us for repairs and maintenance, too.

Our Reliable Generator Solutions

At Universe Home Services, we want to guarantee that our customers are happy with our work. When you want a top-tier generator, we make sure it happens.

Our team has the tools and skills needed to provide:

  • Whole-home generator installation
  • Whole-home generator replacement
  • Whole-home generator repair
  • Whole-home generator maintenance

No matter what your generator needs are, we’ve got you covered. Schedule generator installation, repair, or maintenance today by calling (516) 473-0202.

Protect Your Electrical System & Appliances with a Standby Generator

While you may not think much about it, your appliances and devices need consistent electrical connections. When the power goes out, various issues can arise for your essential home systems.

Avoid system stress, burnout, or fire risk with a whole-home generator. These systems can help protect systems and units, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • HVAC systems
  • Water heaters
  • Entertainment systems
  • And more

To request standby generator services on Long Island, work with Universe Home Services. Call (516) 473-0202 today to start installation or repair.

Make Sure You Have a Surge Protector When You Install a Generator

Installing a generator is a wise decision for ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages, but it comes with its own set of considerations. When setting up a generator, it’s crucial to pair it with a surge protector.

Generators, when activated, can produce a sudden surge of power that may overwhelm and damage older electrical appliances not designed to handle such fluctuations. A surge protector acts as a barrier, regulating the electrical flow and protecting your appliances from potential damage.

By incorporating this additional layer of protection, you ensure the longevity of your devices and enhance the overall safety of your electrical system. Investing in a surge protector is a small yet essential step to guarantee your generator’s smooth and secure operation.

Contact Universe Home Services today at (516) 473-0202 to schedule generator installation.

Schedule Generator Installation on Long Island, NY

At Universe Home Services, we strive to deliver our clients the best possible products and services every time. Look to us for same-day services, upfront pricing, and financing options. We offer 24/7 emergency services in the winter when you need heating repair.

To request expert generator services on Long Island, look no further than Universe Home Services. Call (516) 473-0202 today to discuss your needs.

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