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Professional Lighting Installation on Long Island

Universe Home Services brings illumination to every corner of your Long Island home, both inside and out. Our skilled technicians specialize in a variety of lighting solutions, from the cozy ambiance of indoor spaces to the enhanced beauty and security of outdoor areas.

At Universe Home Services, we show our dedication to our customers with our commitment to quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. We want to make sure your lighting installation isn’t just a service but a transformative experience.

Interior Lighting Installation

The right interior lighting can redefine your living space. At Universe Home Services, we have experience installing various indoor lighting styles. Our skills include the sophistication of recessed lighting, the versatility of track lighting, the elegance of chandeliers, the practicality of ceiling fans, and the functionality of under-cabinet lighting.

Each installation is a step toward enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

Get the benefits of upgraded lighting in your Long Island home. Call Universe Home Services at (516) 473-0202 to schedule a lighting installation consultation today.

Enhance Your Space With Outdoor Lighting Installation

Transform your outdoor spaces into relaxing retreats with our outdoor lighting solutions. From landscape lights that highlight the natural beauty of your garden to security lights that offer peace of mind and uplighting that adds a touch of drama, we have it all.

Our outdoor lighting installations improve the visual appeal of your home but also enhance its safety and security.

Make your outdoor space safe and beautiful with Universe Home Services. Call (516) 473-0202 to schedule an outdoor lighting installation today.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Lighting

Upgrading your home’s lighting does more than just enhance your Long Island home visually. It’s an investment in security, comfort, and even the resale value of your property.

Better lighting can deter potential intruders, create a comfortable living environment, and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, potentially raising its market value. Let Universe Home Services guide you in making lighting choices that yield lasting benefits.

Contact Universe Home Services today at (516) 473-0202 to schedule a lighting installation.

Why Choose Us?

At Universe Home Services, we’re your partner who understands your electrical needs. As a family-owned business since 1954, we bring a blend of traditional values and modern expertise to our work. We’re committed to quick response times, and our well-structured team performs efficient installations.

Plus, our transparent pricing, financing options, discounts for military, veterans, and seniors, and comprehensive after-installation support showcase our dedication to customer satisfaction.

At Universe Home Services, we want to help you create an environment that reflects your style and meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for interior elegance or outdoor comfort, our lighting solutions are designed to brighten and transform your Long Island home.

Request your lighting installation by calling (516) 473-0202.

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