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When most people think of repairs needed in their bathroom, they think of their toilet or their bathroom sink. However, few people realize that their shower or bathtub could need attention at some point as well. Over time, shower heads wear out or become clogged with hard water deposits. Drains may become clogged or need repaired. Water may start to leak from worn-out handles and other hardware. When you need a reliable Long Island plumber to diagnose the problem and get it fixed the first time, you need to call Universe Home Services today!

Long Island residents have trusted Universe Home Services to provide them with the repairs and maintenance they’ve needed for more than 65 years. We’ve always made it our mission to exceed your expectations and give you the best possible services when you need your bathtub or shower fixed, and we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers get the solutions they need to continue to enjoy life without the stress of a plumbing issue. It’s this dedication to quality, results, and outstanding service that has earned us recognition from numerous sources, including being a Better Business Bureau accredited business and receiving the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award! We’re a family-owned and operated company and we’re proud to be a trusted name in the community in which we both live and serve.

We Handle All Shower & Bathtub Services, Large Or Small!

Your bathrooms are the most often-used rooms in your home. While the kitchen may be known as the “heart of the house,” the truth is your bathrooms are usually the first place you go when you wake up, and where you will visit several times per day. You depend on your shower or bathtub features to help you stay clean and comfortable, and that’s why you need a dependable team to repair and maintain them to ensure they last.

We offer the following bathtub and shower services:

  • Shower heads
  • Faucets
  • Shower diverter repairs
  • Drain repair
  • Valve repair
  • Shower handle repair
  • Handheld heads
  • Rain showers
  • Moxie Bluetooth shower heads

Whether you need a small repair to your existing shower head, an entirely new installation as a part of a bathroom remodel, or preventative maintenance to ensure your plumbing will last without issue for years, you can always trust the Long Island plumbers at Universe Home Services to offer you unmatched quality, honesty, and expertise that places your satisfaction and your home’s condition first.

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