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Surge Protectors

PRotect Your Home From Power Surges With A Whole Home Surge Protector

Although you may be familiar with an outlet surge protector, one that protects electronics that are plugged into it via a power strip, many homeowners are not even aware that there are whole home surge protectors available. Whole house surge protectors must be installed at the meter or electrical panel by a licensed electrical contractor, like those on our team at Universe Home Services. Our Long Island electricians can help you decide what systems will be best for your home and what protection it requires. With a whole home surge protector in place, your home is protected from outside electrical surges, the maintenance and repair costs are reduced, and it can reduce costs of replacing electrical equipment.

What Can Cause A Power Surge?

A whole home surge protector can protect your electrical system from outside sources of surges. These kinds of surges can damage appliances, computers, blow lighting systems, and destroy power connections, not to discount the electrical system that is hard wired into the walls of your home.

Power surge sources include:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Downed power lines
  • Faulty utility company lines, transformers or components
  • Operation of heavy electrical equipment

Whole house surge protectors are the needed protection for the appliances that have electronic circuit boards which are vulnerable to lightning strikes and surges in your power grid. These include newer appliances, cable boxes, and exercise machines.

Licensed, Experienced Electricians Available 24/7

If you have questions about how a whole home surge protector can be useful in your home, or you would like to get an estimate from our team, contact us today to set up an appointment! Our team of Long Island electricians are here to answer your questions about the electrical systems in your home and what you need to watch out for. Let us show you how improvements at home can protect the future of your household electronics.

Contact our team to discuss surge protection for your home today. Call (516) 473-0202.

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