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Oil-To-Gas Conversion on Long Island

Improve Your Comfort & Cost Savings By Switching to Natural Gas Heating

Any homeowner who relies on an oil heating system knows the skyrocketing cost of oil can lead to seriously high heating bills during winter. If you’re interested in enjoying better heat and lower bills, consider switching from oil to gas heating.

Universe Home Services is your local heating expert and top oil-to-gas conversion company on Long Island. We’ve provided oil-to-gas heating conversion services on Long Island for over 65 years and we can help you with everything from selecting the right system to professional installation and maintenance.

We’ve successfully installed more than 15,000 heating and AC systems for homeowners in the area.


There are many reasons to switch from oil to gas heating in your home and very few drawbacks. The only thing required for you to convert your home to gas heating is the presence of a gas main under your street or property. Our technicians can determine if you’re a good candidate for oil-to-gas heating conversion on Long Island.

Some of the benefits of converting from oil to gas heating include:

  • Cost savings every month
  • Available rebates and credits
  • Less maintenance required
  • Improved convenience
  • No need to have oil tanks filled
  • No oil smell in your home

While the upfront cost of converting to gas heating may seem daunting, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t as much as you think. Plus, the continual benefits of reduced heating costs every year will soon help you recover — and exceed — your initial investment.

We’ve Provided Top-Rated Heating Services on Long Island For Generations

Universe Home Services is known as the area’s gas heating experts. We’re proud to have provided homeowners in the area with top-quality heating system services, including our oil-to-gas heating conversions, throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties since 1954.

We can help you start enjoying a better, more comfortable home today with top-of-the-line gas heating equipment, fully guaranteed installations, and a completely free in-home estimate.

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