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Duct Cleaning Services On Long Island

What Is Duct Sealing?

Duct sealing is a process by which your HVAC system’s air ducts are insulated and sealed to prevent heat and cooling loss. Like duct cleaning, duct sealing is an incredibly important part of air duct maintenance and is often overlooked. In fact, many homeowners live with underperforming HVAC systems that could be vastly improved with adequate duct sealing.

At Universe Home Services, our Long Island duct specialists can help you with all of your duct sealing needs. From performing a thorough inspection of your ductwork to identifying and repairing air leaks and other problems, we can help you get your ductwork back in good shape and your HVAC system running efficiently.

Save Money & Feel More Comfortable

Did you know that having correctly sealed ducts can save you money? The average homeowner’s duct system loses around 25% of conditioned air because of air leaks. This translates directly to a monetary loss as your HVAC system has to work longer and harder to compensate, thereby using more energy.

Other benefits of professional duct sealing include:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Improved air quality in your home
  • Improved comfort levels
  • Less dust around your home

According to Energy Star, properly sealed ducts can also improve the safety of your home as it prevents dangerous back-drafting of combustion gases (such as from a gas furnace) into your home.

Do I Need Duct Sealing?

Most homes have some level of duct sealing that was performed when their air ducts were installed. If your home is newer, your ductwork is likely adequately sealed. However, seals and insulation can break down over time, and parts can become damaged. It is not uncommon for older homes to suffer from holes or gaps in their ductwork and seals around vents and registers.

You may need professional duct sealing if:

  • Your heating and cooling systems struggle to maintain a stable temperature in your home
  • There has been an increase in dust, foul odors, and pollutants in your home
  • You hear strange sounds coming from your ductwork whenever your heater or AC is running
  • There is visible damage to your ductwork
  • You see excess dirt or debris around your registers and vents

If you believe you have poorly or improperly sealed air ducts, contact our Long Island duct sealing specialists. We will inspect your ductwork, identify what needs to be done, and help you improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. After performing the duct sealing, we can help you with air balancing to ensure that your conditioned air moves evenly throughout your home.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Ducts

At Universe Home Services, we believe in providing everyone with top-quality, trustworthy services. Our expert duct sealing services are no exception. Our professional technicians are highly trained and always honest. After inspecting your home, we will provide you with reliable guidance and help you determine if duct sealing is right for you.

For reliable duct sealing services on Long Island, contact Universe Home Services at (516) 473-0202 or send us a message online.

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