As a homeowner, you probably understand there’s lots of maintenance that comes along with having your own property. Although we all wish there would never be any problems with our homes, breakdowns and malfunctions are an inevitable part of life. The best thing you can do? Be proactive and keep an eye out for the not-so-obvious problems taking place around your home.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system there are plenty of obvious signs you’ve got a problem — just think, broken pipes, a clogged toilet, a leaky faucet. It’s easy to identify those things and in many cases, it’s easy to come up with a solution. But other times, the problem may not be as easy to detect and unfortunately, might require special tools or expertise in order to fix. Today, we’re going to point out 10 not-so-obvious plumbing issues so that you can pay extra special attention to these areas.

1 – Discolored Pipes

The next time you take a stroll through any area of your home that has pipes on display, check for signs of discoloration. Look for colors like greens, oranges and reds that stand out from the rest of the pipe.

2 – Foul Odors

Notice the smell of rotten eggs in your home? Sure, it could be a result of food that’s gone bad, but there’s a chance it’s coming from your plumbing system. It could mean there’s an issue with the trap which is designed to prevent sewer odors from entering your house.

3 – Low Water Pressure

In some areas, low water pressure stems from the municipality, but in other cases it could mean there’s a problem with a fixture or with a series of pipes. Take note of areas of the house with significantly lower water pressure and call in a plumber right away.

4 – Slow Drains

You may not consider this a serious issue, and you may not even realize your sink is draining slowly. But the next time you run the faucet, pay close attention to how the water drains and if it seems to take a while, you could have a backup somewhere in the drain.

5 – No Water Flow

Low water pressure is certainly one issue, but no water at all is a completely different ballgame. This could mean you have a frozen pipe on your hands (especially during the winter months) or that a pipe has a major leak somewhere in the house.

6 – High Water Bills

Notice your water bills have been a lot higher in recent months? This is an area that commonly goes undetected as minor increases from time to time normally don’t cause too much alarm. But if your bill is significantly higher one month, it could mean you’ve got a leak either behind a wall or underground.

7 – Bubbling Or Uneven Paint

Seeing small bubbles or rough surfaces in ceiling or wall paint? This could be a result of water damage from a leaky pipe or plumbing fixture. You may also notice discoloration on walls, ceilings or floors.

8 – Vivid Greenery

Are specific areas of the yard looking extra green or have an abundance of flowers or grass growing? This could mean you’ve got an underground leak that’s providing the area with an excess of water and minerals.

9 – Wobbly Toilet

Have a toilet that wobbles when you sit down to do your business? It could just mean the seat needs to be tightened, but it could be a sign that the toilet wasn’t installed or secured properly or that the wax seal has failed.

10 – Discolored Or Dirty Water

Whether you find it in a drinking cup or notice it when you turn on the shower or flush the toilet, dirty water could mean you have rusty pipes or that there’s an excess of air in your plumbing system.


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