The quality of air we breathe at home is important. It can have an effect on the efficiency of your HVAC system and even worse, it could be impacting your respiratory health as well. In order to keep your home fresh, clean, and safe, it is important to take interest in your overall indoor air quality.

What Is Iaq?

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, is simply a measure of how clean the air in a building is. A home with poor IAQ is likely to have a higher count of volatile organic compounds in the air. These compounds are what make your nose tickle, your head pound, and your throat itch.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common pollutants that could be lingering in your air.


We have all heard of mold, and it comes in more forms than you may realize. Mold loves an excessive amount of moisture and thrives in those types of environments. That is why keeping your bathroom and kitchen clean and dry is so important.

If your HVAC system is dirty, your air filters are clogged, or the condensate drain is blocked, your air ducts and vents become an easy target for mold growth. The air rushing through the ducts then picks up mold spores and carries them throughout your home and into your lungs.

Pet Dander

Your dog or cat is part of the family, but their fur can be quite a nuisance! Not only does it cling to furniture and clothing, but it also contains irritating pet dander which can contribute to respiratory issues and other allergy-like symptoms.

Keep up on your vacuuming and brushing to keep the shedded dander to a minimum.

Air Fresheners

No matter what the commercials say, sometimes it’s not ‘that fresh’. A lot of store-bought air fresheners have a high amount of volatile organic compounds and while they may smell nice, they are harmful to your air.

If you want to freshen up a room, try a homemade solution like a simmer pot or coffee grounds instead!


Certain candles are also guilty of releasing harmful substances into the air. Their added fragrances often contain chemicals and the soot released from the burning wick can create a smoggy room.

Do not take this as a sign to throw out all of your candles, though! When used in well ventilated areas, candles are perfectly safe to burn every so often.

Dust And Dirt

One of the most common causes of poor air quality is simply a dirty home. Not keeping up with your chores can significantly impact your air as particles are picked up and breathed in. Be sure to regularly vacuum, mop, and dust your home to improve your air quality.

Improve Air Quality

The best way to improve your air quality is to regularly replace or clean your air filters. These filters do a great job of catching all the contaminants before they recirculate back into your home and lungs. If you have questions about your air quality, or need help replacing your filters, give Universe Home Services a call at (516) 473-0202!


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