Cut Costs With Ceiling Fans

With summer just around the corner, temperatures are rising and along with it, so are utility bills. Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money when it comes to heating and cooling costs. From installing smart thermostats to fixing drafty windows, there are a lot of tricks to keep bills lower.

One often overlooked or misused way to save is by using your ceiling fan to your advantage. In this blog, we’ll tell you about the best practices when it comes to your ceiling fan and how they can cool you down this summer.

The Cost

It’s no secret that air conditioning, especially central air, comes with a high price. Cooling your home accounts for about 25% of your total energy consumption. The cost to run is about $0.36 per hour, meaning a month of constant air conditioning use could cost you around $250.

In comparison, your trusty old ceiling fan that sits forgotten above your head only costs $0.01 per hour, totaling to around $7 a month. This is a significant difference in price that could make a huge difference for your family!

How Cooling Works

We know what you’re thinking: sure the price tag is lower, but a ceiling fan won’t cool me down as much as my air conditioner will.

You’re right, a ceiling fan will not lower the temperature of a room. Instead, when a ceiling fan is on while there are occupants in the room, it creates a cooling sensation on the skin. This provides the illusion that the room is cooler than it actually is, meaning that you can lower the temperature on your thermostat and rely on the fan to feel comfortable.

Best Practices

Based on what is explained above, the best way to save on cooling is by using your ceiling fan more and your air conditioner less. There are conditions, however, that you must follow in order to maximize efficiency.

When To Use Them

Because ceiling fans don’t actually lower room temperatures and instead give the sensation of coolness, it is important to only use them when the room is in use. There is no point in running the ceiling fan in an empty bedroom!


When bearable, turn your air conditioning off and solely rely on the fan! If the heat is too much for the fan to handle, simply raise the temperature on your thermostat by 5-10 degrees. Play around with the temperature/fan usage and find what works best for your family.


A broken, improperly installed, or un-maintained ceiling fan will not work as efficiently as it needs to in order to help cool you down. If you’re getting a new unit, be sure to have a professional install it to ensure proper connections. It’s also important to fix any issues as they appear rather than pushing them off.

You should also be sure to regularly clean your fan to keep dust and debris from accumulating and circulating throughout your home and decreasing your indoor air quality. A dirty, broken, and unmaintained machine is an inefficient one that will work harder to keep up with your needs, ultimately costing you more.

The Bottom Line

What it all boils down to is that with proper care, usage, and maintenance, your ceiling fan can be used in conjunction with your air conditioner to save on cooling costs. For more information about cooling your home, give Universe Home Services a call at (516) 473-0202.


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