Safety At Home

When you welcome a little one to your family, you may begin to realize all the dangers a child can face in your home. Your home should be a space where you can trust that your children will be cared for and safe from harm. But those sharp edges, open railings, and electrical products pose a threat to little ones.

If this is your first child, it can be overwhelming to baby or child proof for the first time; which products are the best and how do you properly install them? The Universe Home Services team is here to keep your entire family safe with this guide to childproofing your electrical products.

The Danger Of Outlets

Curiosity can get the better of us from a young age. When your child sees something unfamiliar within reach, chances are they will investigate. This makes your outlets and power cords a fun game for them. Chewing on power cords or touching electrical outlets could cause electric shocks. If your child experiences this, it’s best to seek medical care as soon as possible to be safe.

Covering Outlets

Before heading to the store for all the child proofing supplies you can carry, it is important to take a look at the type of outlet covers you have. The most common types of outlets are 3-prong, GCFI, and ACFI.

When nothing is plugged into them, your outlets almost look like a friendly face. Why wouldn’t a child be drawn to it? The best way to keep fingers out of empty outlets is to install a cover.

Plastic Covers

These covers are very common, affordable, and are made of durable plastic. Their plastic prongs fit easily into your outlet and their small edges make them tough for baby fingers to pull from the wall. As your child gets older, however, they may learn how to wiggle the cover free.

Self Closing Covers

These covers incorporate a sliding piece which moves into place, exposing the prong holes, as you’d like to plug something in. when unplugged, the holes are covered up. This is a highly effective way of child proofing as it is a bit harder to push the sliding piece aside. The downside? Installing new outlet covers all throughout the home can take time.

Keep Children From Unplugging Cords

If your child is at a stage where they are starting to unplug appliances, try one of these tactics.

Move Furniture

While this may be inconvenient to do, moving your furniture in front of outlets is one of the most effective ways to keep babies from pulling plugs. If you’re willing to do a little home rearranging, try this out!

Boxes And Covers

We often install outlet boxes outdoors to protect your electrical systems from the weather. But these can also be a great way to keep babies away from plugs. The box fits around appliance plugs and has a hole in the bottom for cords to run through. You can also find these covers for power strips!

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