Poor water quality is a problem that afflicts a surprising percentage of homeowners. According to the EPA, roughly 8% of water systems in the United States don’t meet applicable health standards. Contaminants such as chlorine and sulfur can make tap water all but undrinkable in many homes. Here are a few signs that your tap water doesn’t make the grade.

Noticeable Water Tint

If your tap water isn’t transparent, there’s a good chance that it’s contaminated. Older pipes made from metal often leach iron and manganese into your household water. On occasion, a water source can be tainted with cyanotoxins as a result of blue-green algae blooms. Whole-house filters can largely mitigate the dangers of these contaminants and make tap water sparkle.

Cloudy Appearance

Cloudy water is typically the result of suspended air bubbles that will eventually dissipate given enough time. However, cloudy water can also be caused by high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. A filter can solve this problem. Reverse osmosis systems are particularly effective when it comes to trapping excessive amounts of calcium.

Persistent Blue-Green Stains

If you notice blue-green stains on faucets and sink drains, your water probably boasts an unhealthy amount of copper. Consuming high levels of copper can cause a variety of health problems such as liver damage and anemia. A concentration of more than 1.3 mg/L or 1.3 ppm is considered excessive by the EPA and should be rectified with a specialized water filtration system.

Whitish Scale On Fixtures

The appearance of white scale on fixtures and glassware is a sign that you have hard water. Hard water contains elevated levels of magnesium and calcium. While hard water confers a variety of health benefits, it can take a toll on your property. Hard water can shorten the lifespan of your dishwasher and washing machine. Plus, water high in calcium can be hard on your skin and hair.

Unusual Odors At The Tap

Water that’s fit for drinking shouldn’t have any particular odor. If your water smells like a swimming pool, there’s a solid possibility that it includes an unhealthy amount of chlorine. A rotten egg smell would generally indicate the presence of sulfur. Ultimately, any unusual smell coming from your tap water warrants further investigation by a licensed plumber.

Odd Metallic Flavors

When your tap water develops an unusual taste, it’s time to call in the experts for some comprehensive testing. All too often, old pipes fabricated from cast iron inevitably degrade and give water a metallic taste. A bitter taste is indicative of high TDS (total dissolved solids) levels resulting from copper accumulation. Long story short, water that tastes bad is unsafe.

Decreased Water Pressure

Sooner or later, the pipes in every water delivery system get clogged up with mineral deposits. Low hydraulic pressure at faucets can be caused by a variety of issues ranging from hard water to decaying pipes. Replacing old metal and PVC conduits is the best way to rectify the situation. If you’re not a DIY home improvement expert, call a qualified plumbing specialist ASAP.

The Solution

If your Long Island home or business has lousy tap water, depend on the professionals at Universe Home Services. We specialize in whole-house and point-of-use filtration systems that purify for cleaner, better-tasting water. To schedule your appointment Universe Home Services, call (516) 473-0202.

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