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Faucets and sinks are an important part of daily life for most people. From washing your hands to cooking, cleaning, and even making a design statement, we rely on these fixtures to function properly and add a bit of style to our homes.

At Universe Home Services, we can handle all your Long Island faucet and sink plumbing needs. For more than 65 years, we’ve been serving homeowners throughout Nassau County & Suffolk County with quality faucet and sink installations, repairs, replacement, and routine maintenance services. Whether you’d like to update your bathroom sink or you’re interested in a top-of-the-line kitchen faucet upgrade, count on the pros at Universe Home Services!

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Faucet & Sink Services We Provide

There are a number of issues you may experience with your home’s faucets or sinks. At Universe Home Services, we have the tools and training to address any plumbing need you have.

We offer the following the following faucet and sink services on Long Island:

  • Leaking/dripping faucet repair
  • Faucet and sink replacements
  • Outdoor faucet installation
  • Freeze/leak prevention
  • Design upgrades
  • Cracked faucet/sink repair
  • New sink and faucet installation
  • And more!

We make it our mission to stop annoying drips, repair leaks and cracks, and ensure that your faucets and sinks are working at peak efficiency. This doesn’t just make your daily life easier—it can also save you money on your bill each month thanks to reduced water waste! From kitchen and bathroom sinks to outdoor faucets, garden hoses, and more, we are your Long Island faucet and sink plumbing pros!


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    Leslie R.

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    Rose & Joe

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    Carla D.

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