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Reliable electrical installations & Repairs

Power issues can happen at any time. From major storms causing damage to old wiring breaking down, you need reliable electricians to resolve your problems when they come up.

Universe Home Services is here to help. Our expert electricians know the ins and outs of electrical repair and replacement. We’ll get to the bottom of your electrical problems and fix them fast.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician

Electrical issues come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them may seem easy to handle on your own. DIY electrical work is never recommended.

Working with a professional is essential for proper electrical repair and installation. Only a professional has the years of training and proper tools to get the job done correctly and safely. If you try to do it yourself, you run a major risk of causing a fire, causing further damage, or getting injured.

When it comes to electrical repairs, don’t go it alone. Schedule electrical services in Bellmore by calling Universe Home Services at (516) 473-0202.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your home’s electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. When anything goes wrong with the panel, you risk major malfunctions and fires.

Trust Universe Home Services when you need an electrical panel upgrade. It may be time for an upgrade if:

  • Your current panel is original to your house.
  • You’re adding major appliances, such as an EV charger.
  • You’re dealing with frequently tripped circuit breakers.
  • Your electrical panel is rusted or damaged.
  • Your panel is hot to the touch.

To request an electrical panel upgrade, depend on Universe Home Services. Call (516) 473-0202 today to get started.

Protect Your Home & Appliances With a Surge Protector

Electricity surges through your home constantly, pushing extra energy through your appliances and devices. This extra power can wear down your systems over time and cause major issues.

A whole-home surge protector is the answer. Much like a regular surge protector, these systems help regulate the power that comes through your home as it reaches major appliances. With a whole-home surge protector, your appliances could last longer and encounter fewer repair needs.

Contact Universe Home Services today at (516) 473-0202 to schedule surge protector installation.

Our Electrical Solutions

When it comes to electrical services, our team can do it all. Count on us when you need:

Leave all your electrical needs to us. Schedule electrical services in Bellmore today by calling (516) 473-0202.

Why Choose Universe Home Services?

Since 1954, Universe Home Services has been a top choice for Bellmore locals for electrical services. We provide financing options, special discounts, same-day services, and more. You can count on us for expert service from start to finish.

Schedule electrical services today by calling Universe Home Services at (516) 473-0202.

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