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Reliable electrical installations & Repairs

As a family-owned and -operated business since 1954, we take pride in providing Hicksville, NY, residents with professional and reliable electrical services. Our experts provide a fast response and ensure an efficient resolution to any electrical problem while committing to top-notch customer satisfaction through free replacement quotes, financing options, and a wide range of electrical services.

Do I Need to Hire an Electrician for Electrical Installations or Repairs?

It’s never recommended to complete a DIY electrical project. Most homeowners don’t have the tools to handle an electrical installation or repair, putting themselves and their families in danger. Professional electricians are insured and trained to follow safety protocols that are code-compliant, minimizing the risk of accidents, electrical fires, injuries, and associated costs.

Our electricians can safely make electrical repairs or installations while providing peace of mind that future issues will be prevented. We’ll ensure electrical issues are addressed properly by getting to the root of the problem and reducing downtime and inconvenience. 

Hire a professional electrician from Universe Home Services for any electrical installation or repair today. Call (516) 473-0202.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your home’s electrical panel is the essential hub to keep energy running to appliances and other key systems. When something goes wrong, an electrical panel will cut the electricity to protect you and your home from electrical hazards.

A malfunctioning panel may give out warning signs, such as:

  • You notice constant circuit breaker trips.
  • Your panel is noticeably wet, rusted, or broken. This could be a fire hazard and extremely dangerous. Avoid touching the panel and call an electrician immediately. 
  • A burning smell or the panel being warm to the touch could mean a severe malfunction.
  • Sparks when plugging things in isn’t unusual; however, an electrician may need to investigate if you notice repeated or large sparks coming from your outlet.

In addition to malfunctions, you may want to think about upgrading your system if:

  • You’re remodeling your home or adding additional appliances. You may need to update your electrical panel to be sure your panel’s amps match your home’s energy demands.
  • Your electrical panel is old. Their typical life span is 25 to 40 years. If you notice round glass fuses or no breakers, your unit is likely outdated and could be at or approaching the end of its life span. 

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Protect Your Home & Appliances With a Surge Protector

In New York, where there are unpredictable storms, power fluctuations, and other unforeseen events, installing a surge protector can be monumental in safeguarding your electronic devices. Surges from outside sources can damage appliances and computers and destroy power connections and the wiring within your walls.

A whole-home surge protector prevents voltage spikes from damaging devices and wiring in your home and acts as a barrier by redirecting excess voltage away from your home, thus preventing fires, extending the life of your electric devices, and ensuring peace of mind.

Universe Home Services is proud to offer expert whole-home surge protectors by first helping you decide what system would work best for your home and providing a reliable installation so your Hicksville home is fully protected from unexpected electrical events.

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Our Electrical Solutions

At Universe Home Services, we believe it’s essential to meet the diverse needs of our Hicksville customers. With many years of experience, we offer various electrical services backed by our highly trained professionals. Our services include:

Leave all your electrical needs to us. Schedule electrical services in Hicksville today by calling (516) 473-0202.

Why Choose Universe Home Services?

With over 70 years in the business, we’ve learned a thing or two about electrical services and have an abundant staff who respond quickly in emergencies. We provide quality products and services and offer warranties for repairs and installations.

We also want to ensure affordable services by offering flexible financing options, free estimates on replacements, and special discounts for veterans and seniors. 

Schedule an electrical service and get fast solutions with great customer care in Hicksville by calling Universe Home Services at (516) 473-0202.

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