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Merrick’s Top-Rated Electricians

Reliable electrical installations & Repairs

When it comes to the safety, efficiency, and technological readiness of your home in Merrick, NY, Universe Home Services delivers reliable and comprehensive electrical solutions.

Our friendly professionals understand what Merrick homeowners want and need from their electrical systems. Plus, we offer prompt service delivery and attention to detail, making us the trusted choice for your electrical needs.

Do I Need to Hire an Electrician for Electrical Installation or Repair?

Tackling electrical work on your own can be tempting, but it’s a project that often leads to more complex issues — or worse, dangers like fire or electrocution.

Hiring a professional electrician from Universe Home Services ensures your installations and repairs comply with the latest safety standards and are performed with precision and expertise.

Our electricians are ready to help. Call (516) 473-0202 to schedule an electrical service in Merrick.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical panel is vital to maintain safety and efficiency in your Merrick home. But, it can be tricky for some homeowners to recognize when an electrical panel upgrade makes sense for them.

Here are key signs that it’s time for an upgrade:

  • If it’s the original panel in an older home
  • Constant circuit breaker trips
  • Rusted or corroded components
  • The panel feels hot to the touch

An upgraded panel protects your home from potential electrical hazards and can improve its overall power capacity.

Keep your Merrick home ready for modern life with electrical panel upgrades from Universe Home Services.

Call (516) 473-0202 to request an electrical panel upgrade.

Protect Your Home & Appliances With a Surge Protector

New York’s weather can be unpredictable, and with it comes the risk of power surges. Installing a whole-home surge protector is a smart defense, safeguarding your appliances and electronic devices from storms and outages.

Our team can help you choose and install the right surge protection to keep your home safe.

Contact Universe Home Services today at (516) 473-0202 to schedule surge protector installation.

Our Electrical Solutions

At Universe Home Services, we offer a wide range of electrical services to meet your every need:

Whether you need a minor fix or a major installation, our team is ready to provide prompt and efficient service.

Get top-quality electrical services in Merrick. Call (516) 473-0202 to schedule an electrical service today.

Why Choose Universe Home Services?

When you need electrical services, choose Universe Home Services. We’ve served Merrick homeowners since 1954 with top-quality electrical services. We believe in quick response times and same-day service. We also offer free estimates on replacements, flexible financing options, and special discounts for military, veterans, and seniors to make our services more affordable.

Our team’s expertise is matched by our dedication to educating our customers on maintenance and preventative measures. Our strong team of technicians ensures quick installations and efficient service.

Schedule an electrical service in Merrick by calling Universal Home Services at (516) 473-0202.

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