Appliance Repairs You Can Trust

Our homes are chock-full of appliances that make every day tasks a breeze. That is why when something goes wrong, it can throw a wrench in your whole schedule until it is fixed.

When your dishwasher, dryer, stove, or refrigerator is out of commission, you need a team you can trust to make repairs quickly and effectively. Universe Home Services is that team!

Read on for more information about the types of repairs Universe Home Services can offer your home:

Washers And Dryers

No one wants to fall behind on laundry day! Soon the clothes will start piling up and you’ll be sending the kids to school in wacky, mismatched outfits.

Sometimes your washer or dryer may need a repair, and sometimes it may simply be old and in need of replacing.

Common washing machine problems include:

  • No spinning.
  • No draining.
  • Too much or too little water.
  • Unusually loud noises.
  • Will not start.

Common dryer problems include:

  • Still-wet clothes.
  • The dryer will not tumble.
  • An electrical burning smell.
  • A faulty timer.

If you’re noticing something off about your washing machine or dryer, it’s best to stop using them and give the professionals a call to avoid multiple days without clean clothes.


Sound the alarm, your food is at stake! It’s a stressful time when the refrigerator goes out, the clock is ticking and your food only has so much time left.

To avoid wasting food and money, you need refrigerator repairs and you need them fast.

If the refrigerator is not getting cold, your food is constantly frozen, or there is frost forming in the freezer, we can help. Additionally, if there is a leak, unexplained noises, or even something as simple as a broken ice maker, Universe Home Services is on the case.

Stove And Oven

Another high stakes food-centered appliance is your stove and oven. You can only survive on microwave pizza and popcorn for so long before you’re in desperate need of a home cooked meal again.

Our team is equipped to repair the ins and outs of your oven. Common stove/oven issues we see include:

  • Lack of heat in oven
  • Smell of gas
  • Broken oven door
  • Faulty light
  • Uneven temperature
  • Control panel problems
  • Burners that won’t light

Get back to chili night with our stove and oven repairs!


We love our dishwashers for their convenience, but they also can help save water and cut down on your water bills. If your dishes are still dirty after a cycle, the door will not close all the way, the appliance isn’t draining, or will not fill with water, give us a call!

If your dishwasher is over 10 years old, we may recommend a replacement. While this will cost you now, it is sure to save you money in the long run with less frequent repairs and more efficient water use.

Appliance Repairs In Seaford

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